My name is Ligia Fernandes and I am the proud founder of FitBox Studio. My passion for inspiring people to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness has brought me to this moment. In preparation, the last decade has been dedicated to self-development and teaching. I received my Yoga certification from Sheridan College and my Pilates certification from Body Harmonics. I am also a certified TRX instructor. This dream of teaching, encouraging and supporting others to live their best life has come true and I am delighted to welcome you as my guest.


Here are some things to know about a session or class on the pilates reformer machine.

1. You’ll Use A Reformer A reformer is a piece of equipment, and you’ll be using one during your group workout. The reformer moves in a similar way to a rowing machine, in that it consists of a large horizontal plate, or carriage, that moves back and forth on a track. Attached to the carriage is a headrest and two shoulder blocks, which help to keep you in position through a movement. One end of the reformer contains an adjustable bar for resting your feet or hands and adjustable springs that tailor the impact of your workout. The strap and pulley mechanism attaches to the other end of the reformer, giving you an added element of resistance.

2. Wear Figure-Hugging Workout Gear Did you know that the type of clothing you wear to your Pilates classes can affect your workout? Form-fitting clothing will keep you from getting injured during Pilates classes. Baggy workout pants can become trip hazards, or get in the way as you work through your movements. Baggy shirts and sweaters can get caught in the equipment, making for an uncomfortable session.

3. Reformers Add Resistance Resistance exercises are when you use force to push or pull against a greater weight than your muscles are used to. Adding resistance to a workout is important because it increases your muscle strength and density. Mat-based Pilates classes add resistance using bodyweight movements. Adding a reformer into the mix means you’ll be getting muscle-strengthening benefits a mat-based class can’t offer.

Studio Etiquette

Make sure you let us know about any health conditions and your level of fitness.

  • Don’t force any movements or poses.
  • Mastery will come with practice.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and expect to take off your shoes for some of our classes.
  • Empty Stomachs: Do not eat for at least an hour and a half before class. Food in the stomach can reduce range of motion and reduce energy level, which can adversely affect your strength and stamina as well as your ability to concentrate.
  • Non-Scents: Refrain from wearing perfumes or scented lotions. Some people have extremely sensitive respiratory systems.
  • Electronics: Please turn off all cell phones.

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