The Argentine Tango

Our Tango Program starts Friday Nov 13th and runs for 6 weeks. We couldn’t be more excited about bringing this unique and sensual program to the studio. It is our goal to offer innovative and fun ways to keep your body moving so that you can reach
your fitness and wellness goals and enjoy doing it

You’ll find interesting challenges in tango in terms of fitness as it requires that you use your body with very specific musclecontrol. If you enjoy other forms of movement such as Pilates or Yoga, you will enjoy the Tango as it will provide you the opportunity to use your strength and flexibility and have it appreciated in an elegant and welcoming environment. If you are new, take this as a sign to do something different and surrender to the amazing sounds of this dance. You will grow to love it…forever!

Dancing the tango is about so much more than dancing. The tango through its movement and music is an invitation to show your soul, connect without words and move in a playful and sensual way. Be sexy! Be Bold! Express yourself through these raw and sassy moves.

There is no age when it comes to the Tango. At FitBox we truly believe that age is just a number and we are all beautiful beings at all stages of our lives.


Be Real!Be Fit!Live it!



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